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Reuth Open Door - English Page

דלת פתוחה הקרובה אליך

Reuth Open Door - English Page

The "Reuth Open Door" for young people with disabilities was established by the IFPA on 2004. It is a novel public service with the goals of promoting sexual rights and sexual wellbeing of young people with disabilities and meeting their normative needs. The service deals with issues of interpersonal and sexual communication along with raising public awareness regarding sexuality and disability health and rights. The service is focused upon reducing the risk, abuse, and other forms of violence against youth with disabilities. It reaches out to the population in order to reduce sexually transmitted disease (STD''s) including HIV and tries to prevent unplanned pregnancies of young females under the age of 18. 

As a fully accessible service, it offers sexual health services for young people with disabilities, including specialized personnel and equipment for physical and sensory disabilities. Last but not least, the Reuth Open Door service, as a branch of IFPA is recruiting partners for SRH rights advocacy, raises public awareness and educates for SRH rights.

The Reuth Open Door operates with "Reuth” Medical Center, “Reuth” Non-Profit Organization, the Ministry of Health - Department for Child Development and Rehabilitation, and the Ministry of Welfare, Department of Rehabilitation."Reuth Open Door" service is headed by the IFPA – Israel Family Planning Association. The service cooperates with the National Insurance Agency, the National Rehabilitation Committee, the National Health Committee and the National Committee for the Advancement of Women''s Health.

Reuth Open Door is a joint initiative of the IFPA and the Reuth Medical Center, a leading rehabilitation hospital (which belongs to the Reuth-Women’s Social Service, a voluntary non-profit organization). Reuth Medical Center is dedicated to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people with chronic illness or disability to Israeli society, regardless of faith or religious belief. Together, the IFPA and Reuth Medical Center makes the Reuth – Open Door a unique service, being the first of its kind in the country, and perhaps in the world. Young people with physical conditions in the ages of 13 to 35 can find answers and guidance with SRH issues from an interdisciplinary team, offering various forms of accessible assistance.